Our Programs

ELPIC’s programs use instructional coaching and PLCs to leverage change. Our coursework is designed to develop current and future principals as experts in early childhood education with a focus on utilizing instructional coaching and PLCs to increase the instructional capacity and meet the needs of diverse students.

Instructional coaching

ELPIC Program Components

ELPIC covers the cost four graduate courses for preservice principals within a principal certification program at Easter University or Cabrini University. In addition, ELPIC covers the cost of four professional development courses equivalent to 180 hours of Act 48 PIL (Act 45) for post-license principals with or without principal positions.

Pre-Service Principals and Post-Licensure Principal Program Components

PSP and PLP Coursework: The premise underlying the modified ICF coursework is that high quality teachers are the key to increasing student learning and achievement. Principals learn how to coach teachers to enhance the use of research-based practices in early learning environments, apply data-based decision-making to solve problems arising in the school setting. All course will focus on real-world applications using case studies and problem-based learning (PBL) to ensure research/theory is applied to the field.

Targeted Fieldwork: Within each course, participants will engage in targeted fieldwork in PreK-4 settings that exhibit high impact teaching and learning activities, PLCs and instructional coaching.

Principal Professional Learning Communities: After the coursework is completed, PSPs and PLPs will develop PLCs in their own schools while participating in online P-PLCs with colleagues across the region.

ELPIC Participant Timeline

ELPIC Participant Timeline